Friday, May 20, 2022

Weight lifting : One Key Tip

Weight lifting : One Key Tip
It is easy to get carried away with weight lifting, especially you are training with heavy weights. Many serious lifters and bodybuilders end up injuring themselves because they lift more weight than their bodies can handle? Why? Adrenaline is one reason, peer pressure is another, impatience is another.

Many simply don't know what their bodies can handle. Knowing your limits is key, and one way to do that is to use a 1 rep max calculator, which is a program that helps you determine what your body can handle based on your current work out or training patterns.

Such programs are handy tools because they allow you to input certain data points specific to you. A good one rep max calculator will then provide you with what your maximum tolerance is for any given exercise of your choice.

Again, weight lifting knows no age but people of various ages, strength levels and backgrounds must know their limits and the different resistance training techniques that apply. One way to do that is to use appropriate tools and programs to aid you in your training initiatives.

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