Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Weight loss : wow time can really change things

Weight loss : wow time can really change things

46 year old indu :
❌ Weighed 190 pounds, was extremely overweight and suffered from body pains
❌Had very low energy and drive to accomplish day to day tasks, even cooking meals for my family was draining and taxing
❌ Had a very unhealthy relationship with food and would always binge eat due to being stressed out all the time
❌ Lacked self-confidence, motivation, discipline, felt lost and insecure with no goals in life

53 year Old Indu
✅ Lost over 50 pounds of body weight and currently in my best shape ever
✅ Accomplished my life goals of getting my PhD, helping over 50 women lose weight sustainably and restored my self-confidence & energy
✅ Invited to speak on weight loss and healthy eating in Universities, Indian Army and Corporate Workshops/Webinars 

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