Thursday, June 9, 2022

Muscular Women :

In terms of volume, no one has been able to top her for any given year since Olympia, the original IFBB, in 1996. For example, this year she set a single-year record of 714 pounds, a new all-time record for the bodybuilding division. She also set records in the overall and masters divisions. Her total of 844.5 pounds is the most of any woman in history. She set a new world record in the pro division this year with a total of 1,402 pounds.

 Physique competitors from that era include such names as Alina Popa, Joanna Gowers, Jen Sinkler, and the still-undefeated Danielle Adams. Popa, the first woman to win both the Ms. Olympia and the Ms. International titles, dominated the sport in the 1990s, with a string of four titles in 1994 and five titles in 1995. She didn't win the Ms. Olympia again until 2007, when she took home the crown. She retired in 2010, after coming up short in attempts to win her sixth title.

 Over the years, she’s packed the house at the Arnold Classic with her dramatic, hyper-muscular poses. She’s had the audience at the Mr. Olympia on their feet in awe. She’s made men faint at the sight of her towering physique. She’s been the ultimate female bodybuilding idol, and there’s no doubt she’s been the most admired women in the sport.

 If a competitor was to beat her in a drug test, it would be a miracle. Still, in the last two years, she’s only won four competitions, three of which were small shows in her home state of Georgia. The most impressive win came in late 2016, when she took first at the Arnold Classic Europe in London. And the most recent win came only a few months ago, when she took first at the Arnold Classic Australia in Melbourne.

 She has consistently been the most muscular women in the world over the last decade, breaking records and dominating the stage. She has been to seven Olympia, finishing second in 2015 and 2017. She’s won a record number of titles: four Ms. Olympia titles, three Ms. International titles, and three Ms. Olympia Europe titles. She’s also won titles at the Europa Cup and the World Cup.

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