Thursday, July 21, 2022

How I went from being overweight and unhappy to confident and healthy, with only a few simple changes 🌟

How I went from being overweight and unhappy to confident and healthy, with only a few simple changes

Huge shoutout to this group for giving me the confidence to post this and celebrate how far I’ve come.

5 years ago I was overweight, binge eating, chronically dieting and over exercising. I had no confidence or self esteem, and had been trying to make a change for about 4 years. But I had fallen into the restrictive diet lifestyle: ruled by quick fixes and unhealthy habits, which ultimately led me to feeling the worst I had ever felt.
I felt lost and alone, and like my dream would never happen. It seemed like I didn’t deserve it and was destined to continue this cycle for the rest of my life.

This year, I weigh 10kg lighter, my body looks completely different and my confidence has sky rocketed.
I wake up each day, feeling happy with my body, go to the gym to get strong and say yes to more opportunities.
I eat delicious food that makes my body feel energetic and healthy.
I end my day, with no food guilt, no bingeing and not feeling overworked by doing to much exercise.
I feel elated, loved, happy and like I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
I realised that healthy and sustainable change doesn’t and shouldn’t happen overnight.
It was uncomfortable to look at a long term focus instead of just getting a quick fix, but necessary to do so. This is what I did:

1. Changes my nutrition focus: Ate more calories. An amount that was suited to myself individually and sustainable, that would also help me achieve my goals.

2. Stopped running myself into the ground with exercise: I reduced my cardio sessions and focused on increasing my strength.

3. Worked on my mindset: I changed the way I thought about food: No foods off limits, forgave myself if I slipped up or didn’t quite hit goals for that day and found a way to deal with stress and emotions that didn’t involve food.
4. Focused on the long term: I planned my journey months in advance, no more 6 week shred or fad diets.
If you’ve read this far, thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me to share my story.

I am currently working towards a bit more weight loss so that I can begin a building phase at the end of the year! I’ve also invested in a coach. Still working on increasing my strength, eating great foods and my mindset. Anyone who is on a similar journey, keep at it! Focus on the right things, invest in yourself, stay consistent and change will happen! And it will be so worth it. And remember, it’s not about perfection, but about consistency. 

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