Tuesday, July 26, 2022

I Want 6 Pack Abs

I Want 6 Pack Abs
I want 6 pack abs seems to be a very common cry among men and women these days. Sad thing is a lot of people will never get them because they are doing the wrong kind of training program and spending too much time doing the wrong exercises.

First thing you must realize is that men and women do not need to train differently. The best exercises are the best exercises regardless of gender. You often tend to see women that are afraid to train with weights unless they are very light for fear of bulking up. This is a shame because the best way to burn belly fat and keep it off is by adding some extra muscle to your body.

One common misconception among women is that they will get big and look like a bodybuilder. Truth is most women, and most men, do not have the genetics available to build bodybuilders physiques. It's important for women to realize that regular strength training using heavier resistance is one of the key secrets for losing body fat and staying lean year-round.

Another common mistake you often see is people wasting their time doing long slow boring cardio. This time could be spent a lot better doing high intensity full body workouts. These will raise your metabolism and keep you burning fat up to 48 hours after your workout is completed.

Full body movements should make up the majority of your workout. Not only do they work your abdominal muscles they raise your body's fat burning hormone levels. Your ab direct exercises should only take up about 5 minutes of your workout twice a week. And once your core is strong enough you can even cut this back to once a week.

By avoiding these common mistakes and most of what the mainstream big business fitness companies say, you won't say "I want 6 pack abs" anymore. You'll just lift up your shirt and say "look here!"

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