Monday, July 25, 2022

The Fast Track Guide To Build Muscle For Beginners : Week 3

The Fast Track Guide To Build Muscle For Beginners : Week 3

Food Inventory:

Now that you have a list of foods that I gave you for reference in week 2, I want you to cross-reference that list with the foods you currently have in stock.

Start to notice which foods you are missing and include in your weekly grocery list.

Meal Frequencies:

This week, I want you to continue consuming 3 whole food meals a day, but this week I want you to include 2 meals that contain a higher protein source with the protein's found in the table above.


Alright, we are now going to include veggies in every other meal. Are you ready?

Breakfast, lunch and supper should all contain at least 1 serving of veggies. Suck it up.

Protein Powder:

Last week we introduced 1 protein shake between breakfast and lunch but this week we will also include a second protein shake between lunch and supper. Again, this should be consumed about 2.5 hours after lunch and about 2-3 hours before having supper.

Macronutrient Split:

In 2/3 of your whole food meals, be sure to include a carb, protein and fat source as mentioned in week 2.

Caloric Intake:

Again, with the added protein powder and including more food sources, your calories will naturally increase by another 300-400. Those increases should be helping your strength and energy levels in your workouts.

Food Preparation and Shopping:

You know the drill...back to the grocery store, prepare 3 days worth of meals and organize your time effectively.

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