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Here Are Some Tips on How To Train the Back Without Deadlifts :

Here Are Some Tips on How To Train the Back Without Deadlifts
Bodybuilders, since the beginning of time, have sworn on the necessity to use deadlifts to build a thick, well developed back. And it is undeniable that the use of deadlifts will give the lifter a level of certain thickness and massive strength that no other exercise can seem to deliver. However, there have been a slew of natural, amateur, chemically assisted and professional athletes that have managed to build up some serious back thickness without the use of deadlifts. Smart training trumps all!

Bodybuilders with aesthetic problems may often realize deadlifts are not for them as well. If you are short and have a Franco Columbu type physique - stumpy and wide - then the added mass to your obliques (side abdominals) that results from the use of deadlifts may not be in your best interest. Women often fall into this same category. Sure, if a woman wants to use deadlifts to deliver some back thickness, she can do so. However, she also appears short and wider, instead of taller and leaner, as is usually the goal.

Now, let's talk about that smart training. The back is a myriad of thick, sinewy muscle fibers that align into patches that form muscle groups. Deadlifts are ideal because they allow the lifter to hit most of these muscle groups at the same time, stimulating the fast-twitch muscle fibers that are hit on the very heavy muscle lifts. This gives the lifter the benefits of both added strength AND size. Deadlifts are very useful for helping lifters to gain weight as well.

You can swap them out, however, by using a lot of other heavy barbell and machine work. Barbell rows build thickness. Chins build width. Dumbbell rows work both of these areas. These are the heavy metal movements you should use. Follow them up with machine work. The hammer strength and nautilus machines are ideal, as they have been designed (using 50 years of science) to give the lifter multiple angles of attack on each muscle group.

When training with this wide variety of machines, remember that you will also want to hit the muscle groups with as much HEAVY lifting as humanly possible. After all, it is the heavy deadlifting that is responsible for so much of the muscle mass gains. Try to go as heavy as possible - while still using good form - to ensure you grow the back muscles to their ultimate potential. And don't forget the importance of food and rest in the muscle growing process!

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