Tuesday, September 13, 2022

What lured you to be a personal trainer?

What lured you to be a personal trainer?
Question :

What lured you to be a personal trainer?

Reply :

MC: Actually I was always intrigued with the body and human anatomy. When I was a young little boy, my uncle's friend was a bodybuilder at the time and he used to take me to the gym with him and I think that deep down in me I wanted to be involved with the body some ways and it was another related field to athletics which was my previous occupation.

BH: I had a lack of self confidence since my young age. Kids at my school always pushed me around, teased me constantly. I never had really a great teenage life. Over the years, I needed to find something that will enable me to ease conversation with the general public. I always had passion for exercising. I always knew that was my calling. Personal training changed my life and the life of my clients. Giving the opportunity to help people always appealed to me. Personal training was enabling me to do so. Love helping people.

DC: Women. It seems like women are attracted to Personal trainers because of so much testosterone coming out of our bodies. The fact that we have so much knowledge in the anatomy attracts the opposite sex. It is a babe magnet. Need to have good genetics though.

KJ: I talked it over with a friend of mine who is already in the business and told me the amount of money to be made. Charging the customer close to $100 dollars per hour is quite alluring to me. Being business savvy, I wanted to have the flexibility to do this business and still have my days to do other things. It gives lots of flexibility in your schedule for other endeavors.

SD: Hmmm. I went to this industry by accident, quite honestly. I was studying pre-med in school and needed to finance my studies. I was working as a bartender and working mid-afternoon shift at the local gym. I was going to school in between. At the local gym, I was talking to members, giving them advice on nutrition and exercise, when one of my members required my help and was going to get paid for it. I enjoyed it so much that I did quit my bartending job and put more time into personal training. I do it because it gives me practice when I work in medicine later on.

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