Sunday, October 30, 2022

Building Muscle Mass Warning - The 4 Deadly Side Effects Of Muscle Building Workouts

All weightlifting programs with the aim of building muscle mass should be stamped with a big red warning on the packaging. Building muscle mass is not an activity that should be taken lightly. It has certain risks and of course deadly side effects that will not only impact your life but everyone around you. The following side effects are classified as deadly because they are going to kill many different parts of who you are at your very core and you will become a different person.

It's been said that people want change but they also want to hold on to the familiar for dear life. This is why habits are so hard to break because even though you want them to change they are familiar and a part of you is comfortable having them in your life and won't let them go. People are scared of the unknown and when people start to walk down the path of change they are also stepping in the direction of the land of the unknown.

So lets take a trip to explore the 5 'deadly' side effects of muscle building workouts and discover that as you start a weightlifting program your going to see a part of you die but another part of you reborn and resurrected as well.

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