Tuesday, January 10, 2023

An Abdominal Training Program :

An Abdominal Training Program
The best program to work your abs may surprise you because it doesn't seem to target your abs at all. But first let's investigate this ab training situation a little bit more closely.

There are two types of people who are interested in abdominal training programs, those with some extra pounds and those who have already shed those pounds. For those who have shed the weight doing abdominal training like sit ups and crunches will pay off because your body fat percentage is low enough to see your results. For those who still carry some weight abdominal specific training is useless because it doesn't burn enough calories.

For both types of people the best exercises you can do for your abs are actually compound weight lifting exercises like: the dead lift, bench press, dumb bell snatch, clean and jerk, lunges, squats and others. These exercises exert so much force on your body that it actually goes into a state of metabolic shock and cause you to burn calories at a higher rate for days after the workout, even when you're sleeping. This will be good news for the people who still need to lose a few pounds.

For the people who want to work on their ab definition these exercises are also great because they work the core of your body. Both your back and your abs come into play when you are doing these exercises. If you don't believe me just do some dumb bell swings. It looks like a shoulder exercise, but your abs is where you feel it!

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