Sunday, January 22, 2023

Weight loss : You can't fail unless you give up completely!

Weight loss : You can't fail unless you give up completely!
To be successful in most things…you have to be what most people aren't, and that is: CONSISTENT.
Time flies by and we are already approaching the end of January! Anyways, my point of this post is that since I’ve been on my own fitness journey since January 2021, I have learned that it is very common for most people to end up quitting any kind of health behavior change around the 3 week mark of January. Thinking about it deeply, it makes sense really…I mean it's no longer new and exciting, it starts to feel like work instead of a reward, obstacles start being thrown your way, you may be frustrated with “slow progress,” or not seeing results immediately.

The truth is a real mind and body transformation doesn’t happen in less then a month, in fact in my first few months of focusing on my fitness and nutrition, I actually gained a few pounds. I have learned that it’s helpful and beneficial to prepare for this. Expect to feel this way, expect it to not be as exciting, and don’t expect to see results in one month. When you start out, maybe you workout everyday or you are SUPER consistent with your eating because you’re excited, which is AWESOME!

But, you have to remember that it's normal for the motivation to fluctuate at the beginning and it might start to fade. Many people then tend to quit or if it’s due to frustration with slow progress, they look at making other, more drastic changes…which I learned from my own experiences is completely unnecessary. Instead of quitting, think about how it may just be a good time to re-evaluate what it is that you’re doing. The answer may be to try doing less. You don’t have to exhaust yourself 6-7x a week working out, overdoing cardio or HIIT classes. Trying to change it up and doing less is always more effective than just throwing in the towel.

For example: Maybe trying to fit 3 workouts into your schedule instead of 5-7 per week. Don’t be so worried about the number of steps you get in everyday, or obsessively sticking to a clean eating diet. Anything is better than nothing, and all practice adds up. Sometimes you will practice more, sometimes less. I’ve learned that it’s normal to go through busy and less motivated times, more excited, and feeling ready and pumped up times.

The whole way through your journey…Be ready for both, and don’t forget that YOU CAN’T FAIL unless you give up completely! I hope this helps someone today and serves as some motivation to anyone who feels like giving up is the answer. 💪🏼💕

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