Thursday, February 23, 2023

Classes of female bodybuilding

Classes of female bodybuilding
Female bodybuilding is a form of competitive bodybuilding specifically for women. There are several classes of female bodybuilding competitions, each with their own specific criteria and requirements.

1 - Bodybuilding: This class is the most muscular and defined of all female bodybuilding categories. The competitors must have very low body fat percentage and be able to display extreme muscularity.

2 - Physique: The physique category is less muscular than bodybuilding, but still requires a significant amount of muscle mass and definition. The competitors must have a smaller waist and a more athletic physique than the bodybuilding category.

3 - Figure: The figure category requires less muscularity and more emphasis on overall symmetry and balance. The competitors must have well-defined muscles, but not to the extreme level of the bodybuilding and physique categories.

4 - Fitness: The fitness category requires competitors to perform a routine that showcases their strength, flexibility, and overall athleticism. The routine must include dance, gymnastics, or other athletic movements.

5 - Bikini: The bikini category is the least muscular of all the female bodybuilding categories. The competitors must have a lean and toned physique with emphasis on overall aesthetics, including a well-defined waist and glutes.

Overall, female bodybuilding offers a range of categories that cater to different levels of muscularity and athleticism, allowing women to showcase their strength and dedication to fitness in a competitive setting.

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