Saturday, July 8, 2023

Weight loss : I would just share a little bit about my story….

Weight loss : I would just share a little bit about my story….

I was always a healthy weight growing up, I was your average teenage girl with some curves but I was never over weight. When I turned 22-23 is when my hormones took a drastic turn and I started having issues with my body and my weight, I never understood what was wrong because I didn’t eat horribly, not at that point anyways.
Flash forward to a year or so later my weight was out of control and I spiraled into a deep depression and basically ate my feelings. Which in turn of course caused my weight to go up dramatically.

The weight continued to pile on and I started having issues with my periods and finally decided to seek a drs advice. In October of 2021 I was told that I was pre-diabetic as well as had most of not all common symptoms of PCOS. My weight at the time was 295lbs. Way over weight. I was still struggling with my mental health so my weight continued to go unchecked for another 2 years.

Last year I weighed in at my heaviest of 345lbs. I never felt more ashamed or embarrassed of my body in my life. But still, out of sight out of mind. Of course I had definitely tried just about every fad diet from Keto to Fasting as well as exercise but nothing worked. I’d lose about 10 lbs and the weight just wouldn’t come off anymore. So I gave up.

This year I decided I was done being uncomfortable, and I was done with my body basically falling apart. So I decided to try Mounjaro in March. I had done lots of research and read as much as I could about the side effects and possible issues. My aunt, who dealt with similar issues had huge success and lost over 77lbs!! I had to try it!!!
So I did and I just have to say I was unsure at first bc I was sick to my stomach alot, could hardly eat anything but I pushed through. The weight started coming off like magic!!! First 5lbs, then 15lbs… then 20!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

Today I am weighing In at 297.4 and all of my clothes are falling off!! I’m in a size 22 Jean and I haven’t been. In that size in years!!!! I am so beyond thankful for my dr. She gave me my life back by allowing me to try this medication and I can’t explain how much my life has changed!!! This first picture was at my heaviest weight right before vacation last year, I took the second photo this morning 🙂

I still feel like I have a long way to go but I can’t wait to go on vacation this year and take a comparison picture!!!

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