Sunday, August 6, 2023

I worked so hard to lose 270 lb naturally :

I worked so hard to lose 270 lb naturally
Finally to finally start to see the changes in myself after years and years of work I can honestly say I believe I am begaon to love this new body. I worked so hard to lose 270lb naturally and then went thru septic shock spent 5 day in the hospital fighting for my life lost my first skin removal date.

After all that I had two skin removal totaling in 60 lb of extra skin removed. While recover my husband was put on leave due to no work  at his company and I ended up losing my job due to medical negligence on the doctor behalf.

I had the worse recove from my second surger again due to being release to early and drainage tube not put correctly in. I filled up with fluid that made my waste double the size it was before my Second skin removal. It took lot of pain and prays and question why why me to make it thurogh how much pain I was in I had bruising that started to appear in my back due to the swelling being so severe.

After just trying to survive to live this we ended up losing everything. Had to move in with my husband mother in order to live. During this time I was still retaining water and end up having 50 extra pounds of just fluid to my body.

Now for the bright side 😍 here I sit swelling almost gone for the lack of tubing and recovering well we were able to get a new home and my husband was able to find a better job.

 I continue to work on my health and at losing the remain at I’m so close to my final goal. Surviving death three times in a year and losing our home and a career I had for seven years was very devastating and one of the hardest and trying times in my life.

But to stand here on the other side still pushing to that goal with will power and know what I have to over come  give me will power to never  give up on my self again.

I guesse I take from these past few years is  life throws a lot of bs at us but we have to stand our feet in the ground and keep fighting for our dream and goals. I’m proud for sure and that feel took a long time to get to.

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