Thursday, October 12, 2017

Basw Dimitraki Female bodybuilder, Incredible woman ! :

- Get rid of "junk food reminders" around the house! Place those pictures on the refrigerator of you eating birthday cake or drinking cocktails, celebrating your friend's birthday, to some other location where you won't be as tempted!

- Place a visual reminder of your goals which you will see often. For example, copy and paste an image of your head on the body you believe that you realistically can achieve in the next 12-16 weeks. If you have a deep motivation for your contest (such as dedicating your training to a charitable cause or to a family member who is ill) then add some visual reminder as to why you are doing this contest diet. Place the reminder somewhere like your refrigerator, your front door, on your computer, or on the mirror so that you see it often...


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