Saturday, January 26, 2019

Video training and posing, Big muscle women bodybuilding :

Video training and posing, Big muscle women bodybuilding
Remember there are a few "no-nos" you should follow:
1) Do NOT run up to her and grab her biceps. A whole book could be written on the underlying reasons why you don't want to do this. So just restrain yourself and have some class and manners!
2) Don't talk only about her training and her physique. Be a man who is interesting and captivating by enjoying conversations on a number of topics.
3) Don't be a typical geek. Even if your sole identity is based around computer engineering and programming, develop other interests. Be able to tell stories, be captivating, and have flexibility on an evening together. Make it fun for her and keep the "geek speak" to a minimum unless it enhances a truly funny story.
Again, a massive female bodybuilder is still a woman first and foremost. By remembering this one little fact you will go a long way toward enjoying your time together.

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