Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Retrospective on Women Bodybuilding Events of the Early 1980's (Part 1) :

The period ranging from the early to late 1980s was very eventful for women body building. It was marked by phenomenal growth in both popularity and progress than in any other previous decade. This decade is referred fondly as the decade during which female body building gained form and acceptance, as a truly professional sport that it is today. The following are just but several of the significant events of these decade, that were definitive to the female body building industry.

Rachel McLish survives today as a heroic body builder of the glorious 80's. She rose to become not only a pioneer female body builder but also the single most successful body building competitor in the early 80s. She however lost her Ms. Olympia title to Kike Elomaa in the summer of 1981. She was not deterred in her steady rise though, for she regained it in 1982.

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