Friday, December 29, 2017

A Retrospective on Women Bodybuilding Events of the Early 1980's (Part 3) :

A Retrospective on Women Bodybuilding Events of the Early 1980's (Part 3)
Female body building gained in popularity, fans increased, media coverage became sensational and the competitors increased. The women body building sport grew phenomenally such that, competition became fierce. So to did the training. The level of the body builder's training increased comparatively from that of many competitors in earlier contests where very little training was required. Increased prowess in weight training in turn saw the sport gradually evolving towards perfection of muscular physiques. Physiques form, definition and mass became a significant measure of competitive female body building emerged as a trend in 1983.

This is when McLish begun disappearing from the competitive field. Her absence in consecutive big shows, gave way to Carla Dunlap who eventually took over the Pro World title and that of Ms. Olympia. Objective reflection not misguided by media's fancy of McLish reveals that Dunlap actually possessed far much of a muscular physique than did her predecessors, McLish or Elomaa. Due to reasons unknown until today, Dunlap never repeated her debut success of the year 1983. She however remained very competitive for the entire 80's decade...

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