Sunday, April 28, 2019

Video female Bodybuilding & Physique Super awesome! Figure :

Video female Bodybuilding & Physique Super awesome! Figure
Just within one year, by 1979, there were a lot more female bodybuilders taking part in the increasing number of competitions that rated healthy bodies rather than beauty alone. In 1980, the female bodybuilding competitions got their sanction. Named the National Physique Committee the organization was responsible for hosting the first ever women's national competition and it also became the topmost amateur competition for female bodybuilders in the United States. 1980 is a special year also because it was the year in which Ms. Olympia, the most honored female bodybuilding competition, took place for the first time.

As the competition gets older with more and more women participating the workout regimes are getting increasingly rigorous. There are now championship titles that are highly competitive and no place for women who are good at posing in high heels but do not have well defined muscles. Not only are the competitions increasing but they are also gathering quite a large fan base.

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