Thursday, November 22, 2018

3 - Strengthen your muscles :

Strengthen your muscles
2 - Bodybuilding, Strengthen your muscles
3 - Strengthen your muscles :
Strengthening your muscles is an integral part of a harmonious development of your body. Body weight training is one of the best ways to build "useful" muscles; the useful force is to be able to use it in everyday life, such as carrying groceries, lifting more or less heavy objects... Combined with exercises with high cardiac mobilization, you will find your happiness in different exercise formats depending on the training you practice:

- Series exercises: you develop your strength and muscular endurance, muscle development guaranteed;
- Circuit exercises: strength endurance and cardiovascular endurance, ideal for melting excess fat;
- Short exercise sequences: intensive, you mobilize all the muscle chains while mobilizing your cardio.
4 - Bodybuilding, Burn superfluous fats

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