Saturday, November 10, 2018

Super inspiring to hear about how you lost weight :

Super inspiring to hear about how you lost weight
The woman on the left was miserable, battling depression/mania. Flash forward now, I'm not even the same person—I'm so much happier as I didn't even know it was possible to feel THIS good, my depression cured within the first 2-3 weeks of eating better! I still remember the day I stepped on the scale and it read 199lbs, the day I realized just how much weight I gained and that I had reached obese territory. Days after I read that number I kept thinking about how I needed to change. I started to wonder if that was the leading cause for pretty much all my health problems I developed... tendonitis, sciatica and back aches. I had to lose weight and had to approach the entire diet thing differently. I just couldn't fail again. I refused to fail again. My main issue I'd always have when "dieting" was how hungry I'd feel. This time around I focused on macros which helped me stay satisfied on lower calories. 

I also didn't want to force myself to do exercises I didn't enjoy... (like those exercise DVDs I'd always fall back on that I absolutely HATED) The first 3 months I relied on diet alone and was shedding weight/inches just fine. I couldn't be on my feet longer than 15 minutes at a time and I loved walking—that was a bummer. It wasn't until I realized I could cycle fine without it bothering my ankle so cycling around my neighborhood became my only source of exercise for awhile. Then I got a dog when I reached the 140s since I could be on my feet so much more. She motivates me to move every day. Make sure whatever you choose to do that it isn't something that will make you miserable. You want to enjoy the foods you eat and the exercises you do or it would be harder to stick with. Always remind yourself that this is possible!

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