Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Important tips help to lose weight :

Important tips help to lose weight
My diet and health advises are that you must eat less or avoid junk food like pizzas, crackers,donuts, canned food, cake, ice-cream, burger, fries, chips and high sugar drinks like orange juice, soda,milk shake, coke at night because our body do not absorb them easy at night and they become fat, increase our blood sugar which is bad for our kidney, teeth and may lead to type 2 diabetes. Too much trans fat will cause heart disease. Too many salt is bad for our heart and blood pressure. Quit smoking too.

Eat more fruits like apple, pear, orange, grapes, guava, vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, cabbages which are high in vitamin and fiber which make us less hungry, control our blood sugar, improve our body immune system and lower our cholesterol too.
Exercise twice or more weekly for at least 20 mins each can burn fat and keep you healthy. Enjoy your tennis, basketball game, soccer or gym workout with your friends or family too.

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