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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Female bodybuilding: Don't of female bodybuilding (Part 1) :

Female bodybuilding: Don't of female bodybuilding (Part 1) :

So friends, after discussing so much on the benefits and guidelines of female bodybuilding it would be also beneficial for us to understand what are things that we must not do when we are engaging in female bodybuilding program. First of all don't put undue strain on your body. Always combine bodybuilding exercises with adequate rest. Allotting time for rest is absolutely essential and there should be no compromise in that. The next important thing is to follow a flexible and changing weight training routine with variations. 

But remember that the variation in your weight training program should not be done just for the sake of doing it. It should not become an unplanned affair without any set pattern. Your weight training program should follow a definite pattern which is progressive and which becomes more demanding as time goes. This is essential as your muscles will respond to growth and development only when they are put under constant excretion. Getting into any monotonous routine for a long time can stop the challenge that your muscle needs and therefore any further growth of muscles get hampered and restricted.

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