Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to Gain Weight For Women : Increase Your Calorie Intake

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Increase Your Calorie Intake :

Insufficient calorie intake is the main reason why skinny women fail in their quest to gain weight. It's not surprising really, since women are bombarded on a daily basis by weight loss and dieting information, and so-called "tricks" that help them skip meals or eat very little.

All this does nothing to help the skinny girl who's looking at how to gain weight for women. What you really need to do is increase your daily calorie intake, by around an extra 500-1000 per day.

As a skinny woman your metabolism works fast and so processes fats and energy quickly. By increasing your daily calorie intake and splitting it over 5-6 smaller meals, you'll keep your metabolic rate consistent and your body fuelled. This is an essential part of how to gain weight for women and even more important for your workouts.

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