Thursday, June 13, 2019

My weight loss has stopped ! I need all the info ladies !

My weight loss has stopped ! I need all the info ladies !
Over the last several months my weight loss has stopped. I continue to build muscle but completely stopped losing weight. I have been at the same weight for roughly 6 months give or a take 2-5 pounds each way. I have done EVERYTHING to get over the " plateau" with no success that lasts more than a week. Today I went to the doctor and she tells me that the reason im not losing weight anymore is due to the fact that my body

cannot process gluten or soy due to lack of thyroid function. I have known for years I have hypothyroidism but didnt know this. So in light of this new discovery I need all the info ladies!!! What gluten free protein shakes, snacks, and meals do you guys use? Pic to show progress ( or the lack thereof) over the last month. Left is most recent.

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Sara Emilia said...

I would recommend ditching the protein shakes and snacks - eat whole food balance meals throughout the day - stay away from anything processed and gluten/soy as per your dr. orders. I had recently worked with a woman who had not thyroid due to thyroid cancer and this simple protocol worked great for her!