Friday, July 5, 2019

Building Massive Muscles, The Three Golden Rules : Golden Rule 3 - Get Plenty of Rest (Part 2)

Golden Rule 3 - Get Plenty of Rest (Part 2) :
So keeping this in mind rest is very important in your quest for muscle mass and as repairing and rebuilding your muscles isn't a instant process, giving your body up to a week before training the same body part again is not lazy like the misinformed will tell you but smart and will help you to achieve the results you desire. I personally recommend a maximal of three heavy training days a week, maybe some conditioning work on another couple of days if you must hit the gym and plenty of rest, this includes getting your eight hours of sleep a night minimum - this is not a sign of weakness as some might lead you to believe but a sign of a smart, hardcore trainer who knows how to achieve results and will do everything he has to in order to achieve them.

Also a quick note on training session times, if your one of these people who spend 2 hours or more in the gym then you're unnecessarily putting your growth at risk. After approximately 45 minutes your body beguines to release large amounts of cortisol which is a nasty hormone that actually breaks down muscle so by keeping your workouts under 45 minutes you will stimulate loads of growth and cut down the negative effects of cortisol.

So that's it - the Three Golden Rules to Massive Muscle Gains. Yes it is going to be hard work and take a lot of dedication, but stick with it and adhere to these three basic rules and you are guaranteed to pack on some muscle.

Michael Stuart is a fitness professional and believes that everyone should make fitness a part of their life in some way so as to get the most they can out of the life they have. Good fitness is a choice, so make the right one, get Wickedly Fit.

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