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Things You Ought To Know About Arm Wrestling :

Things You Ought To Know About Arm Wrestling
Arm wrestling is an exciting sport that is played by two opposing participants. Each of the participants will use one arm for the game. They have to plant either their right or left arm on a flat table surface with bent elbows secured in place. Then they will both get a good strong grip of each other's hand. The game officially begins at the call of a referee. Pinning the opponent's arm down on the table surface is the ultimate goal of the sport; the referee declaring the winner with his arm over that of the loser's.

The sport requires a lot of factors for any participant to be effective and successful. The overall arm power and strength together with efficient techniques is a very potent combination that will absolutely guarantee success in an match. However, without the participant's will power to succeed, these factors will simply count for nothing. Other technical factors such as the arm wrestler's arm length, arm muscle mass and density, the grip size of the arm wrestler's hand, his wrist being flexible to withstand the pressures, endurance and reaction time (considered as one important mental factor) and other valuable traits contribute much to the success of the participant amplifying his advantages over his opponent. In some cases these factors are grounds for proving which among the participants is relatively stronger.

In the world of competitive arm wrestling, as duly authorized by the United States Arm wrestling Federation, the sport is carried out by two opposing competitors standing face-to-face with both their arms placed on top the tournament arm wrestling table. These tournaments are basically divided into different weight classes that participants can comfortably belong to. It also features left-handed and right-handed divisions as there is no standard arm rule in the tournaments. Fundamentally, strict rules govern the game with regard to fouls and penalties. One good example is the slapping of penalties when a competitor's elbow lifts off or leaves that matted area where it is supposed to be planted for the whole duration of the game. Another one is when a competitor deliberately breaks the grip during the actual competition just to escape eventual pin downs of his arm. An automatic loss will be immediately handed to the guilty party.

Today, the global authority that governs the sport is the World Arm wrestling Federation (WAF). It comprised 85 member countries all over the world.

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