Sunday, June 17, 2018

Anyone can do this! Weight loss :

Anyone can do this! Weight loss
I can run from my past or learn from it! Each imperfection is part of me. It’s my ups &downs, my wins & loses... my perseverance to never quit!

This past Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and took advantage of the pool day! So I broke out the bikini I bought for my vacation in May- that I wore for one day & then couldn’t wear again bc my insecurities got the better of me!

I see every imperfection & cringe but I am learning to see them as part of my journey &warrior scars or something of that sort!! But it’s not easy but I’m working on it!! Work in progress right?!

The before pics are at my son’s 2nd birthday party -4 months before isa came into my life! And the after was this past weekend!

I share this bc even though the before picture was years ago I remember not wanting pics bc I felt disgusting but I finally asked for someone to take a few pics and now I’m grateful for them! They now show me how far I have come!

Anyone can do this! Figure out your why, hold on to it tightly and don’t let go! You can do this!!

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