Friday, June 15, 2018

Weight loss in natural ! No harshness please! :

Weight loss in natural ! No harshness please!
No harshness please
I'm going Spain next month and obviously i don't want to stick to jeans... my family said this dress looks nice but I can't help but think I look awful. ( I have lipoedema hence the larger legs and arms) but will I look silly wearing this? On the plus I've been on the keto diet for 8 days now and lost 6lb


Sara Emilia said...

The cut and shape is very flattering AND it looks comfortable.. that’s a WIN! You should see if you can buy a few more like this in other patterns and colors.. that would make the packing for the trip super easy!

Lhmar Amp said...

Looks great. You’ll need more of that kind of dresses in Spain. The weather is similar to Italy where I live and in the summer it’s hot. You want cool thin clothes that absolutely aren’t tight on your body.

amputee Girls said...

Where did u get it, i want one, very pretty, and yes, i also have noticed since i gained weight i feel more confident in dresses. Have fun on ur trip!!