Thursday, August 2, 2018

Me success story. Weight loss :

Me success story. Weight loss
I don’t have a huge weight loss story compared to most but what I’ve lost and gained is far more beneficial to my well being than a number.
You see, I was a personal trainer and business owner for over 10 years. After having my second child, I struggled with portion control, moodiness and lack of energy. The last thing I wanted to do was exercise. Those are the things you don’t see behind the scenes and aren’t captured in a photo.

I began to control my portions and be mindful of the food I eat. Then something magical happened, I would wake up with excitement to get my day started and noticed I was happy to play with my girls again. I had the energy to keep up!
This my friends was something to document! 11 months later, I’m still able to control my food intake, keep the 17lbs off, keep my energy levels high and be in a good mood. I am now my future self and I’m thankful everyday that I began when I did

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