Monday, December 31, 2018

Weight loss motivation, Dory Becci :

Weight loss motivation, Dory Becci
All told I’ve lost 20lbs and about 15 inches. I’ve gone from 30ish % BF to 14.4% (at last measurement) and put on nearly 10lbs of lean muscle mass - Hello Body Recomposition!
I did two cuts this year and am looking to lean bulk come January. I’m excited to grow my lower half and see where my physique takes me.

Im also close to hitting a few female weightlifting standards and am in the Advanced range on 4 of the 6 Big Lifts so I’m hoping to gain significant strength during my bulk so that I can hit them all!
I hope everyone had an amazing year and let’s crush it in 2019! 💪🏽

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