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Understanding the Rules of Arm Wrestling :

Understanding the Rules of Arm Wrestling
1. Before starting any match, shoulders must be in line with the tables and must not go past its center. It maybe allowed close proximity with the fist, but contact will not be allowed. The same goes to the body which is not allowed to touch the hand. A foul will be given with a restart upon contact with position already gained.

2. The match starts with a "Ready...Go!" with varying cadence. Before the go, a competitor may use only one finger for the purpose of the hand grip. After the signal, both feet can come off the ground for better positioning. A false start will be considered a foul.

3. Risers are allowed if a competitor's belt line is below the table top.

4. To win is to force or pin the opponent's hand in the touch pad. Also, forcing your opponent's fingers or wrist into the pad will constitute a pin.

5. If a slip occurs due to intentional breakup of the grip, the match will be restarted and a foul will be given. The match will be forfeited upon earning the third foul. But if a situation happens when a competitor is in a clear losing position, the referee will award the match to the opposing party.

6. In case the grip breaks apart, both hands will be strapped back together.

7. A match can be stopped if somebody's arm is in clear danger of getting hurt. It can also be awarded to the competitor with the hurt arm the next time that arm is placed in danger.

8. When a pin is achieved, both competitors must remain intact with the peg.

9. If an elbow gets exposed out of the pocket and position is gained, a foul will be given and a restart. In the same situation with no position gained and the elbow gets back to the proper position, then the referee will only impose a verbal warning. Also when a pin is made with the elbow out of position, then the match will automatically restart and a foul will be given.

10. Until the referee grabs the gripped hands in the center to signify the end of the match, both competitors should not stop competing.

11. Bad conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to a disciplinary foul.

12. Last but not the least, all of the referee's decisions is considered final.

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