Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tips to Be Better at Arm Wrestling :

Tips to Be Better at Arm Wrestling
First, pull your arm into your body. Rather than trying to force your opponents arm to the table by pushing it down to the side, bring his hand close to your chest and push down. When doing this, try to position your upper arm and shoulder as close to directly above your elbow as possible. By doing this, you stretch out your opponents arm, making it harder for him or her to fight back against you. You will also increase your leverage, thus making it easier for you to win.

Second, curl your wrist. While some consider this to be a form of cheating, curling your wrist allows you to have more leverage. Many people try to did this as a method to avoid letting their hand touch the table. This is not the way that this move should be used. The curl should be used from the beginning of the match as a means to get leverage, not at the end of the match as a means to increase the length of your loss.

Third, use a strong grip of the hand. Focus on applying a lot of pressure on your opponents hand. This will cause him or her to open up the hand, thus allowing you to gain more leverage. Once they open the hand, move the pressure up until you are pushing on their fingers. Their fingers will stand no chance against your hand in the match.

Last, move quickly. The first millisecond of the arm wrestling match is important. If you start slowly, you allow your opponent to gain leverage that will be nearly impossible to regain. You must act quickly to pull your arm in, curl your wrist, and put the pressure on if you want to win.

While these techniques will help you win, don't rely completely on them if you plan on doing a lot of arm wrestling matches. In the end, the strength and raw power will be crucial to your success as both will be trying to do the techniques quickly than the other. Focus on training your shoulders, biceps, forearms, and hand strength to be successful as an arm wrestler.

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