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Information on What are the Signs of Diabetes :

Information on What are the Signs of Diabetes :
If attacked with the disease, you would often find that you are visiting the bathroom frequently. Due to the incidence of diabetes the glucose content in the blood increases and either due to lack of insulin or presence of ineffective insulin the kidney fails to retain the glucose back inside the body. It rather draws out extra water from the neighboring cells to dilute the glucose and excrete it out.
The very consequence of pulling out extra water from the cells to dilute glucose and then to pass out by the kidney results in recurrent need of water. Patients suffering from diabetes would have the habit of taking in more amount of water than usual. They feel easily thirty and if not taken water adequately would lead to dehydration.

Weight loss is another symptom of diabetes, especially in type 1 diabetes. As the insulin level content decreases the cells become incapable in breaking down glucose. The cells rather use the fat reserve and the muscle tissues to release energy. The weight loss is gradual in type 2 diabetes as the speed of cells getting resistant towards the insulin is quite slow.

As the cells fail to break down glucose due to the incidence of the disease, the body gets starved due to lack of energy. Patients of diabetes become easily fatigued and often experience vomiting tendency.

Often patients of diabetes suffer from a sensation of tingling and numbness in the fingers of hands and legs. This phenomenon is known as neuropathy. Increased level of blood sugar leads to damage of nerve cells. In case of type 2 diabetes patients can not detect neuropathy at its very initial stages. Effective control of blood sugar levels may result improvement of the neural disease.

Answer to what are the signs of diabetes also includes suffering from dry and itching skin, inflicted with frequent wounds and infection and even blurred vision. If you find yourself to be experiencing the above mentioned signs, you are recommended to visit a doctor for a health check up immediately.

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