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Best Types of Supplements for Bodybuilding to Gain Muscle : Beta-Alanine

Best Types of Supplements for Bodybuilding to Gain Muscle : Beta-Alanine
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Beta-Alanine :
The body building supplement industry is built largely upon hype, with an occasional secondary nod to science-based results. But every once in a great while a supplement like beta alanine comes along; a supplement that actually has some real, supporting evidence behind it.

So what is beta alanine, exactly?

It is a naturally occurring amino acid that the body uses to make carnosine. Muscle carnosine, in turn, buffers hydrogen ions produced during exercise. Theoretically, taking additional beta-alanine can boost muscle carnosine stores and improve performance and / or endurance.

Thus, it has found its way into the formulas of many popular pre-workout supplements (like Dymatize's Xpand, Labrada's SuperCharge Xtreme, Nutrex's HemoRage and VPX's NO Shotgun... these are but a few examples). It can also be purchased in isolation. Some products, like Isatori's H+ Blocker, can be considered primarily as dedicated beta alanine supplements.

What do the scientific studies say about beta alanine?

They say several important things.

First, they confirm a direct correlation between carnosine levels in the muscles and athletic performance (1). Incidentally, this increase in performance is not restricted to activities primarily performed by Type II muscle fibers. In other words, aerobic capacity seems to be increased as well.

Second, they corroborate the claim that supplementation with beta-alanine increases levels of muscle carnosine (2,3). One study (4) concluded...

"Beta-alanine supplementation appears to improve submaximal cycle ergometry performance and TTE (time to exhaustion) in young women, perhaps as a result of an increased buffering capacity due to elevated muscle carnosine concentrations."

And lastly, they add credence to the advertising claims that proclaim beta-alanine supplementation is helpful for athletic performance (5,6,7).

This is good news, and validates what many athletes can already confirm... supplementation helps their training programs, almost regardless of what that program happens to be.

Does the study data reveal an optimal dosage for beta-alanine supplementation?

The optimal dosage appears to be between 4.5 and 6 grams per day, although some studies have been performed with much less. A safe bet would be 5 grams per day, regardless of training schedule.

What are the beta alanine side effects?

The most common side effect associated with supplementation is an itching or tingling in the extremities. This is normal, not dangerous, and tends to diminish in severity over time. No long term studies have been performed on beta alanine supplementation, although studies up to 8 weeks in length showed no adverse effects.

What is the best way to supplement?

Purchase it isolation (AllMax, NOW and Ultimate Nutrition all offer beta alanine products) or buy a dedicated supplement like Isatori's H+ Blocker. That way you can ensure you are getting an ideal dose. Most readily available pre-workout supplements that contain beta alanine in their formulations do not contain an optimal dosage.

In conclusion, beta alanine is relatively safe and is backed by some credible scientific data validating its effects on athletic performance. It is definitely a supplement worth experimenting with, if you are interested in taking your training to the next level.
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