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Female bodybuilder Dona Oliveiran, Biography :

Female bodybuilder Dona Oliveiran, Biography
Female bodybuilder Dona Oliveira is a former professional female bodybuilder from the United States. She competed from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s. Female bodybuilder Dona Oliveira has passed away at the age of 58.

Saul also set a goal for her to compete in a local bodybuilding contest. Four months later after she started training with heavy weights, Oliveira entered her first bodybuilding show and placed second. The following year she won several shows and switched to the NPC on the advice of some friends. She continued to win shows and quickly became a pro within two years. Her highest achievements in amateur competition were winning the 1984 East Coast Championships, the 1985 NPC USA Championship, and NPC World Games in London, England.

As a professional, she won the 1988 IFBB Pro World Championships in Nice, France, and placed 6th at the IFBB Ms. Olympia in the same year

Born : September 8, 1960 (age 58) New Bedford, Massachusetts
Died : December 7, 2018
Height : 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight : (In Season) 127-139 lb. (Off-Season) 146-150 lb.
Pro-debut : IFBB World Games, 1985
Best win : IFBB Women's World Pro Champion, 1988
Predecessor : Bev Francis
Successor : Diana Dennis
Active : Retired 1991

1983 AAU Massachusetts State Championships - 1st
1984 NPC East Coast Championships - 1st
1984 NPC Nationals - 4th (MW)
1985 NPC USA Championship - 1st (MW & Overall)
1985 IFBB World Games - 1st
1985 IFBBMs. Olympia - 17th
1986 IFBB Pro World Championships - 9th
1986 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 17th
1988 IFBB Pro World Championships - 1st
1988 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 6th
1989 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 12th
1990 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 16th
2007 NPC Southern States-Figure Class A-5th
2014 IFBB Tampa Pro - Women's Physique Division - 16th

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