Sunday, November 10, 2019

Weight loss, 35 lbs gone :

Weight loss, 35 lbs gone
I’m not to my goal yet but I feel better than I ever have in my whole life! After 4 kids that’s saying a lot. I feel like I’m becoming the mom they deserve rather than a run down version of myself that can’t give them what they need.

I do lazy Keto, no tracking calories or macros, or any of that fun stuff. I also use a supplement. Just gotta be honest. This is MY journey.

I hardly exercise outside of my normal mom duties and working my full time demanding job.

Yes I work full time on top of all of the mom life I do. Please never use the phrase “I don’t have time to focus on my health” or whatever other excuse you may have. That’s all it is, an excuse.

Don’t allow your health to come second to everything else in your life. Invest in your health now and see how your life transforms.

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