Sunday, November 10, 2019

Next 6 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims

Next 6 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims
"Train slow, be slow"

I disagree- slow movements will not hurt your speed any more than fast training will hurt your slowness. If anything, movements performed at a slightly lower speed may have an adverse effect on speed. Since no barbell movement can come anywhere near the speed commonly used in most sports, why take the risk? I always smile when I see martial artists and boxers performing fast punches with dumbbells- these "punches" are much slower than unweighted ones, so they don't make you any faster. And since the weights are so light, they also don't make you any stronger!

"If it doesn't kill you, it will make you strong"

Or, it might injure you. This is a totally inappropriate statement when applied to training.

"Pain is weakness leaving the body"

I don't know where this originated from, but I like it, and it really has a degree of truth, doesn't it?

"Train big, eat big, sleep big"

A good philosophy for people wishing to gain weight and who aren't too wrapped up in their current job.

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