Monday, November 11, 2019

Next 5 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims

Next 5 : Truth of Fiction? A Look at Bodybuilding Maxims :
"First isolate, then integrate" (Paul Chek)

This is an eloquent statement which applies to the periodization of training. First make the individual muscles strong (concentrating on the weakest ones), then use exercises and patterns which require these muscles to work together in primal movement patterns. As a twist on this, it may not be lack of strength which limits your performance, but inadequate flexibility, endurance, or proprioception. The basic idea is that each muscle must have optimal performance parameters before it can bear its share of the load in complex exercise patterns or sport skills.

"There is no joy in victory, no sorrow in defeat"

This simply means that you shouldn't get too caught up in your successes or your failures. If you win, it's time to step up to the next level. If you lose, you need to re-group, learn from your mistakes, and make a new plan of action. Most people do just the opposite- when they win (or make progress), they shrine off the training program that got them there, and vow to do nothing else for the rest of their lives. When they lose (or fail to make progress), they just shrug it off, and continue to do the same thing that led to failure, but expecting a different result.

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