Sunday, November 10, 2019

I’ve been able to lose 169 lbs naturally :

I’ve been able to lose 169 lbs naturally
As my friends, you’ll know I’m going through a monumental transformation in mind, body & soul. Since April 10, 2017 I’ve been able to lose 169 lbs naturally by making baby step changes + overtime that have led to big results. Yesterday I even discovered I’m down from size 32+ in jeans to a size 16! (And yes that’s blowing my mind 🤯)

But here’s the interesting part. I never anticipated anyone else being affected by my personal choice to change. The idea that anyone would EVER look to me for guidance about losing weight or improving their health or mindset is just as staggering as my own weight loss. BUT here’s the thing that also pains me.

All of us are confronted with opportunities to make life changing choices every day. But instead of taking action, instead of doing the thing we KNOW we should do, we let fear, lies and doubt, discouragement, past failures, circumstances and even schedules hold us back from persisting to get what we truly want!

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