Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Weight loss, Let’s work toward that together!

Weight loss, Let’s work toward that together!
Even if you’re not after an extreme natural weight loss as has been my focus for the past 31 months today, I’m sharing this from  in the hopes you’ll just keep going for the things you want MOST!!
💪 you can do it!!

IF YOU WANT MY BEST ADVICE 💛:: as a woman who started this extreme natural weight loss journey at 404.4 lbs at age 44 just 31 months ago TODAY (on 4-10-17),
👇whose come out of the 400s
👇thru the 300s,
👇thru 200s,
👇and is now in Onederland (@192) here it is ...

CHOOSE TO BE THE WOMAN who refuses to live with regret. What you chose yesterday is done: what you choose today can change tomorrow.

CHOOSE TO BE THE WOMAN who gave up making excuses. The events, duties, unforeseeable circumstances, distractions and responsibilities of this thing called life are unavoidable. Treating yourself well should never be dependent on those circumstances being good or positive. Self-care and the pursuit of wellness in Mind + Body + Soul CAN co-exist even in the midst of chaos IF YOU CHOOSE IT.

who lives loudly,
with integrity,
no matter what
because even in her deepest moments of doubt she still CHOOSES to believe she has NO LIMITS!

NO regrets.
NO excuses.
NO limits.

You are capable,
and all things are possible.
So what can possibly stand in your way?

What do you really, REALLY want MOST?
What are you willing to do to get what you want MOST?

Let’s work toward that together!
I’m cheering for you 💛

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