Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Weird shit no one tells you when you embark on a fitness journey :

Weird shit no one tells you when you embark on a fitness journey
1–. You will need new bath towels. The one I was so excited actually fit all the way around me a year and a half ago or so, now wraps around me almost 2x. It’s ridiculous.

2–. Shaving your armpits becomes some kind of competitive sport. Between my pecs, my lats, and my biceps, I now have armpits deep enough to go spelunking in. Shaving is damn near impossible.

3–. Literally no pants fit. It’s a good thing I mostly wear gym clothes because finding jeans that accommodate my ass and thighs is becoming almost comical. And I am only just at the beginning of this bulk.

4–the dopamine from a good workout is as good as any drug. I used to cope with a mental health episode with booze. Now I MOVE. I lift. I walk. I dance. I RUN.

5– you will regret not taking more pictures. Even if you take a million. You will WANT to see all parts of your journey, the further into it you get.

6–. You will still get body-shamed. Instead of “you’re so fat!”, now I get “you’re starting to look like a man”. Worse, I get it from other women. I get told sharing my journey is “glorifying the diet culture”. When people ask how I did it and I answer honestly (portion control for the weight loss, a lot of hard work and a lot of FOOD for the muscle-building phase), I get dismissed. Because clearly I am just lucky and don’t know what I am talking about.

7–. You will lose fat in weird places you never knew you had it. My FEET got thinner. Of all the clothes I expected to have to replace, SHOES were not on the list! Lol!

What did you notice on your journey?

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