Friday, January 3, 2020

World's Biggest Bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman :

World's Biggest Bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman
The biggest bodybuilder to have competed so far at the pro level is definitely Ronnie Coleman. At only 5'11″ he weighed in for competitions at around 300 pounds! The champ was well known for his bat-like lats; his wingspan was crazy. He also flaunted solid 22″ arms, the size of a petite female's waist! Becoming a champion like Ronnie ain't nothin' but a peanut! But seriously, it takes a special kind of internal determination to leave such a mark on the sport of bodybuilding that will last forever.

There are reoccurring elements in all of the world's biggest bodybuilders

To be the best at what you do, you have to have a mindset that is programmed to win. The huge guys in the gym got there through the actualization of their obsession with physical greatness. You have to want it so bad that it permeates everything you do- your entire life. It is possible to become huge. however, most people start this journey by trying to affect their actions. They try to go to the gym more, or to eat better food, and more of it. This is the WRONG way to go about carrying out a goal, especially a bodybuilding goal that takes serious dedicated.

Instead, focus on changing the paradigms through which you view your day-to-day actions. Instead of bending your willpower in an effort to get to the gym more, change how you view the gym. Come to the realization that everything of value in life will come to you AFTER you yourself put in value. You contribute value by making constructive changes every single day, no matter how small. View your time as valuable as your money, like a smart businessman. A businessman understands that every second of his day counts towards something. If he doesn't finish a project or meat certain goals he is discouraged.

Here's why- the business man gets frustrated because he understand that proactivity and productivity are the BUILDING BLOCKS of success. How can you expect to gain value when you don't take the time to create it? It's like expecting your car to take you places without putting gas in it (giving value).

Exploit this new mental programming to help you become one of the worlds biggest bodybuilders

Once you can make this deep paradigm shift you will be able to enjoy the journey of becoming a little bit better every day. Be content in knowing that you are doing something today that will benefit you tenfold tomorrow. This is the mindset a champion adopts. You can't fake the commitment and consistency required for building solid muscle mass. You have to decide within yourself how you are going to go about reaching your goals- by taking value, or through giving.

Developing this shift in your perception will affect more than just your gains in the gym. It can positively impact your entire outlook on life! You get to wake up every single morning to start a new day of investing into your only real asset- yourself! It can lead you down a road of not only muscular development, but of financial independence and enlightenment as well (when tied into eastern philosophies).

When you start to give and create value, it will make its way back to you. This is why a business succeeds- they focus first on giving true value to the customer before overwhelming them with marketing tactics. Become the ultimate businessman of your body and build quality muscle like the worlds biggest bodybuilder.

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