Friday, February 21, 2020

Should Women Hire a Male or Female Trainer and 17 Things to Consider (Part 1) :

Should Women Hire a Male or Female Trainer and 17 Things to Consider (Part 1)
1) How many years have the trainer been working out themselves?? I say they should have at least 5 years or personal fitness training. You want someone that's been in the trenches.

2) How long have they been trainers?: At least 2 years but I prefer 5 years or more. This is important the more clients a trainer have trained the more experiencedthey are.

3) How many clients do they currently train?: It boils down to experience the more clients a trainer has now, tells you about their popularity and how well they get along with others. Usually great trainers have a personality that draws people to them. This person is fun to be around, yet motivating and has a great coaching style at the same time.

4) How many clients have they trained since they have been a trainer:?I would say they must have trained at least 20 new clients' a year. If they have been in the industry for over 5 years they should have trained at least 100.If you were going to have heart surgery, would you want the doctor that's have 20 surgeries under their belt or 10. Well this is a no brainer. Experience does matter!

5) Are they certified?: Most people make a big deal out of this one, but I don't! Why? Remember the goal of getting certified is like any other exam. It's to pass the test! Pay more attention to the amount of courses a trainer has taken. There is something to be said about someone that is willing to continuously learn. Ask the trainer what other courses they have under their belts. The more diverse a trainer is the more valuable they are to your fitness. Training comes from experience and continuing to educate yourself. Taking continuing education classes, teaching continuing education courses at colleges to the public, creating other programs like boot camp classes and teaching activities such as kickboxing makes a more knowledgeable and fun trainer. With that being said, when a person gets a certification that usually shows their commitment to the industry fulfilling that minimal standard. If they don't have a certification they are demonstrating a lack of commitment to their clients and the industry, you should look somewhere else.

6) How long certified or with degree?: At least 2 years. See above and observe the first 5 listed on page to make a decision.

7) How long do they keep their clients?: If people are holding on to this trainer for at least a year paying them hundreds a month, there must be a good reason!

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