Monday, February 24, 2020

Weight loss and Intermittent Fasting :

Weight loss and Intermittent Fasting
7 months progress and people say Intermittent Fasting doesn't work πŸ™„πŸ™„
(Not me)
For those asking what IF here is a short explanation covering important parts:
Lavender Sinkala Lungu dear it's not a diet rather a lifestyle, you eat only for a certain number of hours whilst fasting for the other hours
For example 18:6 you fast for 18 hours(including sleeping) and eat in the 6 hour window. You eat whatever you want depending on your goal but in moderation for better results.

The longer to fast the better the chances of your fat cells being destroyed.
During Fasting hours you can I my drink plain black coffee, unflavored waters( not even lemon) that's a clean fast, then there are dirty fasts where you can add sweetener and cream in your coffee and also fruits/ flavourants in your water.
For best results you can do light exercising as well or not do any as long as you eat well

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