Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Weight loss, what keeps you motivated?

Weight loss, what keeps you motivated?
Yo, I KILLED my workout today.

I woke up this morning feeling more motivated than ever and to be honest it’s not always like that.

People often ask me “what keeps you motivated”

One of the reasons WHY I wanted to lose weight, was so that I can wear what I wanted and to feel confident wearing it. I remember driving an hour and a half just to go to a plus sized store. I was tired of only being able to shop in one place. There weren’t as many plus size clothing stores as there are now! I’ll always be grateful for this journey❤️ Keep going!

“Whaaaat she’s not motivated???” Nah, I’m really not some times. Life gets in the way and there can be a dozen other things that I need to be doing at the same time I’m at the gym.

Discipline. That’s what keeps me going. Obvi I’m not the most disciplined person hence, why I’m still learning. However the discipline I’m developing is making me motivated.

I was listening to the @workforchangepodcast and they mentioned the same thing. You’re not always going to have motivation, but when you have discipline and you just do it, you’re going to get results or feel better and then in turn you find your motivation.

It’s not always a bright and sunny day, you have to work when you don’t want to.

Greatness and Success is earned on the days where you don’t feel great or successful.

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