Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Do Women Trainers Deliver Better Results With Female Clients? (Part 1)

Do Women Trainers Deliver Better Results With Female Clients? (Part 1)
Finding female trainers -- Exercise for and by women.

So, you've been through the "drill sergeant" deal at the local fitness center. You've taken advice from the great looking young man at the club and you've even done the latest heavy weight workout as shown by the oiled up bodybuilder from the local gnc... and what is the point I'm getting at? Well, men just don't know what we go through!

Often we receive requests for female fitness trainers to work with women. We offer exclusively private fitness training for women by women. Because we understand that women often share personal information with other woman we feel it is vital to have female trainers working with female clients. A male trainer may have the best intentions, education, and experience to offer a female client, however, sometimes the bond we women share is ultimately more comfortable and important to our clients. Therefore we are happy to offer services, consultation, and personal training for women by women.

Working with a female trainer is more involved than most folks realize. Think about the time, confidence, and private information we women typically share with each other. Emotionally, we simply "connect" better than a male normally can. Would you feel comfortable sharing private details about your body, health, and fitness with a trainer of the opposite sex? Often sharing private details about our life can be intimidating. Sharing details with a good girlfriend or a female fitness trainer is second nature for most women. We girls have to stick together!

Women trainers understand more than "that time of the month" we understand what it is like to feel a certain way in our favorite jeans -- we understand how we feel when our husbands don't look at us quite the way they used to, and we understand how important it is for us to feel good about the way we look even we are having a "fat jeans" day!

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