Monday, March 9, 2020

Weight loss, Feeling fantastic for International Women’s Day!

Weight loss, Feeling fantastic for International Women’s Day!
Feeling fantastic for International Women’s Day!

EDIT to add My Story 🙂

I have progressively gained weight over the past 4 years since having my first child in 2016. In September 2019 I gave birth to my second child and tipping the scales at 262 pounds (119kg) on the day I went in for my cesarean, I decided enough was enough!

Post baby I managed to get down to 240lbs (109kg) and I maintained that until I started my weightloss journey on New Year Day. I ate a calorie restricted diet for about 10 days before joining a high intensity training group at the most unfit I have ever been in my life! I contemplated joining because of how unfit I was and worrying I would be the biggest person there... but I wasn’t. I was welcomed with open arms and my trainer has been a God send!

I now eat around 1400 calories a day (as per my BMR) and work out 6 days a week. My training sessions are 45 minute blocks and the best part? I take my kiddies with me making life so much easier (Photo added in comments of my children at one session)! I have fallen in love with exercise and my new normal. Healthy food is delicious and we haven’t bought any fast food ALL YEAR (huge win for us!). During a session I burn anywhere between 500-800 calories, intesntity depending, and I have found I drop weight at a continual rate. I have had bad meals, and bad days, but I’ve learnt that’s ok! I am here to make a lifestyle change and sometimes that means treating myself.

Start weight - 109kg/240lb
Current weight - 96kg/211lb
Goal weight before 2021 (with reassessing as I go) - 79kg/174lb

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