Friday, April 10, 2020

Weight loss, So what has changed?

Weight loss, So what has changed?
Hey everyone, I’m new in this group and thought I introduce myself 🙂 my name is Maja and I’m from Germany. I started working out when I was 16, so that’s about 10 years now. I feel like I was on a diet my entire life. I ate WAY too less calories (about 1300-1500) and was wondering why I wouldn’t lose weight although I was doing lots of cardio and weightlifting sessions. Thus, I got Yo-yo effects and felt very unhappy. Left is a picture of me at the end of 2018 when I gained a lot of weight while I was on a backpacking trip (kinda yo-yo too because before that trip I was dieting like crazy...gained twice the kilos in those 3 months again). 

So what has changed? 2019 I decided I don’t want that extreme diets anymore and my happiness depending on what the scale says. I started a reverse diet so my calorie intake to keep my weight was about 2500 calories. I finally wasn’t hungry and tired anymore. I had lots of power and felt way better about myself. I was still working out but only 5-6 times a week (before it was sometimes even twice a day) and I don’t do lots of cardio anymore but lifting heavy weights. Since I am eating enough now, I haven’t had any Jo-Jos since the end of 2018. I am so happy in my body that I can finally focus on enjoying life (sounds weird I know but I feel like having a healthy mindset towards your body and fitness changes everything). Btw I am going to complete in wellness fitness, so I set myself a goal since I enjoy working out so much.
This is my Instagram in case you’d like to follow me, it’s a fitness account and I also talk a lot about building up the self-esteem 😘

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