Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Weight loss, hone in on my Keto lifestyle and fitness :

Weight loss, hone in on my Keto lifestyle and fitness
Is quarantine glow a thing? I’m going with YES! I’ve taken this time to refocus and hone in on my Keto lifestyle and fitness.

With Keto, I’ve been sticking with 20-30g net carbs each day depending on my activity level. I track all my meals using myfitnesspal which allows me to monitor calories, carbs, fat, and protein. This has been my go-to app since I started Keto since it’s easy to use, free, and doesn’t limit certain foods (like other tracking apps).

For fitness, keeping it varied has been key! Incorporating 2 workouts each day can seem overwhelming, but by mixing shorter interval training with longer walks or online yoga classes has created a nice balance.

My fasting schedule has been steady with a minimum of 16 hours each day (usually 7pm-11am). I get at least one workout completed while fasted and fuel up shortly after with my first meal of the day.

My journey has not been linear and I have definitely struggled along the way. However I’m here to say that pushing through any challenge or obstacle (including quarantine) is how I got to see my results.

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